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the **NEW** StreetTeam Ways...

for thsoe of you who haven't received the message yet, the Maverick Street Team has been completely looked over and "smoothed."
There's even a point system.
How cool is that?

Here are the details:
Things are changing around here, here's how everything
is going to work now.

In this email it explains how to score points, what
you get when you get a certain amount of points, who
to contact, all the band information you will need to
help us out, and what is expected of you. There will
be a newsletter soon that will give you more up to
date information on touring, contests, any new merch,
cd releases, and a lot of other stuff. Also there
will be a new Maverick Street Team website soon where
you will be able to login and check how many points
you have, see any posts we have for contests, news,
etc. We will let you know when that happens. And
last but not least we will be assigning jobs to people
who do a lot of work for us, jobs like who is in
charge of certain states, and areas of that state, and
other things like in charge of myspace promoting,
online stuff, reviews, etc., we will let you know
about them and who is in charge of what when we get
all of that set up! But in the mean time here is
everything you need for right now so you can get
started and start scoring points!

Band Information/Contact Information:

Maverick Website:


Purevolume Website:


Myspace Website:


Email Account:


Any questions regarding any of this you can contact us
by any of those ways or you can contact Phil or Bryce
by email. Phil's email is
thirdplanetproductions@yahoo.com and Bryce's email is

Also ALL proof of anything you have done MUST be sent
to the Maverick Street Team email, if you send it
somewhere else we will not count the points, so
messaging one of us on our screen names or emailing
the wrong account will not get you points so MAKE sure
you email us on our street team email!

Maverick Point System:

· 1 Point: Guest book post, message board post,
instant messaging someone, chat room post (Send us

· 5 Points: Maverick on your profile, Maverick on your
myspace, live journal, personal website.. Etc

· 10 Points: Make a flyer for one of our shows and
receive 5 points (only one flyer per show) then the
week of that show we will announce the best flyers for
each show we have that week and if its your flyer you
will receive additional points.

· 15 Points: Every show you come to come to our merch
table and give us your account info.

· 20 Points: Every 20 pictures of maverick you email
to us for our picture database you will receive
points. (Only 2 times a month)

· 35 Points: Put our banner up on your own website and
receive points (to get points you must email us the
website and we must confirm that it is your website)

· 50 Points: Passing out fliers. (take a picture for

· 100 Points: Signing someone up the maverick street

· 200 Points: Getting Maverick featured on a webzine
or website.

Bonus Points:

Everyday our pure volume hits over 200, everyone
actively involved (which means sending reports on what
you've been doing) on the street team gets an extra 5
points per 100 it goes up. So if you get us 500 plays
a play each person will get an extra 25 points a day.
Remember to send proof! (Proof can be conversations,
myspace posts, website posts, forums.. etc.)

Maverick Street Team Rewards:

500: Shout out on maverick rock.com
1000: Maverick Stickers and pins
5000: Maverick Autographed "Caught in the Negatives"
10000: Maverick CD Collection
15000: Maverick t-shirt
15000: Free Maverick show
30000: Maverick will take you out to lunch

also...i hope that there can be more people that join this community.
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