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there's the interview. i was all screwed up last night. *forgive me*

Bryce also sent me some of the new designed stickers...they rule. You have got to see them. As well as the nifty flyers.

My copy of Caught In The Negatives will be here within the next few days, if you haven't ordered it yet, go to www.smartpunk.com
I am refusing to burn copies, because i want you to buy it. SPREAD THE LOVE! THEY NEED TO EAT, TOO! Anyway, for those of you who have no money, it's reasonably priced, and for the curious (although i have no idea why anyone would be hesitant to buy it...) i always let people sample the CD on the street/at school/etc. and i have no problem with anyone asking me to send them a song or two just to see if they like it or not. So yeah, everyone needs to contribute to getting them to the front of the Smartpunk page. There's always money orders for the creditcard-less.

Also, they are on the front page of Purevolume this week. CONGRATS!

just a few edits/updates
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