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well, some of us were told that we needed to raise 50 bucks. i got some clarifications that will hopefully set things straight...and keep our wallets full ;-). (so some people will need to read this)

PoisonedApplePie [12:03 AM]: hey...do you like, need 50 bucks to play in norwich?
PoisonedApplePie [12:03 AM]: someone said that you did....but yeah, i had to ask
BryceMaverick [12:04 AM]: yeah that would help, gas is expensive
PoisonedApplePie [12:04 AM]: oh, ok! awesome. stacy and i will contribute to that fund :-)
BryceMaverick [12:05 AM]: why wouldn't you just take it from what they make at the show?
PoisonedApplePie [12:05 AM]: someone told me that you needed 50 bucks before anything
PoisonedApplePie [12:05 AM]: and i thought that was weird
BryceMaverick [12:06 AM]: no no
BryceMaverick [12:06 AM]: just we need to get paid from the show
PoisonedApplePie [12:06 AM]: oh, then that's cool
PoisonedApplePie [12:06 AM]: sorry for asking the weird question, lol
BryceMaverick [12:07 AM]: no its ok
PoisonedApplePie [12:08 AM]: well, i jsut needed to ask you that, and i cant wait to meet you guys! see ya!
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